Amii is a family company. Our company was born of scientific passion. Today we have the same enthusiasm and..... 40 years of experience.

We produce the filters we would like to use ourselves. We follow the latest scientific knowledge and cooperate with universities. Research on water with hydrogen and alkaline water has resulted in creating modern systems, which allow our clients to enjoy the best water at home. Many of our solutions were patented.

Our products– not only water filters, but also high quality breathalysers – are sold in 40 countires all over the world, in countries like Romania, Albania, Nigeria, Portugal or Malesia. Export sale generates half of our income. Water filters are appreciated where there is a high awareness of health and ecology (Germany, Finland) and where the access to drinking water is difficult (United Arab Emirates, China).

Our goal is a constant development of products, company and our team. Amii's success became possible thanks to our customers' satisfaction. They - like us - are often precursors. Installing filters at home, they disprove the habits associated with water. They invest in health, create new life style. What do they get in return? Not only health, but also savings, because your own water source will pay off with interest .